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Put A Folding Stock On Any AR-Pattern Rifle!
Law Tactical’s steel adapter enables installation of a folding stock on any AR-15 to create a smaller-profile rifle for easy deployment from a vehicle or transport in non-permissive environments. Works with standard gas impingement OR gas piston system. Accepts A2, mil-spec M4-style, and commercial carbine receiver extension tube and almost any stock that fits them. Compatible with all standard bolt carrier groups, including full-auto and .308 size. Single-button operation for quick folding and unfolding and steel locking latch keeps stock securely in place when extended. Gen3-M has a lowered hinge to avoid interference when charging the weapon, and a setscrew keeps the adapter securely affixed to the receiver. Hinge tension is adjustable so you can choose how stiff the folding mechanism is. Includes special bolt carrier extension (no tools to install/remove). Current version utilizes standard buffer retaining pin and spring. Stock adapter features DLC coating. View additional product information Will only work with compatible centerfire and mil-spec carriers. Does Not work with any AR 9mm BCG.
SPECS: Machined 4140 steel, DLC finish, matte black. Adds 1.3" (3.4cm) to length of pull. 8.5 oz. (241g) wt. Do not fire rifle with stock folded.
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Parts » Schaft klappbar   1 Artikel
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