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For Smooth, Light Trigger Pull & Reliable Ignition
Precision-calibrated springs give produce a consistent pull on a stock JP M15 rifle trigger, while preserving ignition reliability with U.S.-manufactured ammunition. JPS3.5T produces 3.5 to 4 lb. trigger pull. Can also be used with properly prepared (instructions included) mil-spec trigger/hammer components to produce a 4- to 5-lb. pull with a smooth “roll off” feel and good control. The JPS4.0 spring kit produces a 4 to 4.5 lb. trigger pull.
SPECS: Spring steel. Kit includes red-coded hammer spring, yellow-coded trigger return spring, and disconnector spring. For use on AR-style .308 rifles; not for defense or duty applications

26,00 € (incl. Mwst. zzgl. Versand)

Contains one reduced power trigger spring and one disconnector spring Designed to lighten and improve trigger function For use in AR15, M16, M4, & variants
19,00 € (incl. Mwst. zzgl. Versand)

The Aero Precision upper parts kit includes the parts you need to assemble your AR15 Upper Receiver. Includes: Forward Assist Assembly Forward Assist Spring Forward Assist Roll Pin Ejection Port Cover Door Ejection Port Cover Rod with c-clip Ejection Port Cover Spring
49,00 € (incl. Mwst. zzgl. Versand)

Parts » Ersatzteilset´s 1 2 21 Artikel
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